Our screendesign department has taken a lot of time to offer you really useful buttons. And they did an amazing job. We proudly present the Button Basics webcollection with a huge number of screenelements for purposes such as navigation bars, webpages,navigation objects, skins for browsers or players and much more. Illustrate eye catching modules in minutes without having to recreate buttons. You will save a lot of time when illustrating and you will be abe to create stunning effects that will attract your visitors. The Button Basics webcollection contains over 5000 designerbuttons and 10 HTML-Templates that can't wait to be modified.

Key features:

  • over 5000 Buttons for web, screen and print
  • fast browser-preview
  • 10 HTML-templates for free
  • PNG-files for full transparency support

The buttons are saved as PNG-files that is supported by all major Image-editors and are HTML-embedded for browser display. Discover the advantages of the embedded alpha channel and learn how easy they can be dragged to your layouts. Save a lot of time and ease your daily work by using the Button Basics webcollection..

System requirements: Webeditor, Imageeditor, Netscape Browser 6.1 or higher (Mac also Internet Explorer 5)

ISBN 3-7723-9199-0