How do I get the Button Basics Webcollection ?

The Button Basics Webcollection is distributed via download. We currently accept payments via only.

What happens after the payment procedure is done ?

After the payment via Pay Pal is confirmed, you will receive an e-mail with access-code to download the Button Basics Webcollection. Proceed to the webaddress given in the e-mail. This e-mail is sent within 24 hours to the address you have to submit with your payment.

How do I download the collection ?

Click on the link in your mail. You will be prompted to enter the access-code. You will find it in the mail we sent to you. Choose your system (Windows or Mac) and click on the download button. The download automatically starts. Access will be granted for 24 hours. After this period you won't be able to access this page again. Send an e-mail, to obtain new access if you didn't download the collection in time.

The download size is 10.8 MB for MacOS | 17.0 MB for Windows

What shall I do after download is completed ?

MacOS: The diskimage is compressed as a StuffIt-Archive and should automatically expand. Double-click the icon of the diskimage and DiskCopy will create a virtual image (like a CD-Image). Copy the content to your HD (Please don't forget to create a new folder). Done.

Windows: Open the saved zip-file with WinZip (or similar) by double-click on the zip-file to extract the collection. Extract it to a new folder. Done.

How do I start with the Button Basics Webcollection ?

Open your browser - we recommend Netscape 6 or higher. Choose OPEN from the menu and select start.html (located in the Button Basics folder you should have created before). The splashscreen appears. Click it to enter, follow the instructions and proceed to the main navigation. Select HELP from the internal menu to access the Quick guide.

Is there an installation routine ?

As the Button Basics Webcollection is nothing more but a website with an enormous amount of buttons no installation is required. There are no hidden files.

Will there be a second volume ?

A lot of satisfied users asked for a second volume of the Button Basics Webcollection. There are no plans about it yet, but as the number of positive mail increases we will not rule out a second volume.

Further questions ? Please let us know.